Victory at Sea is a new multi-year program from the Ocean Exploration Trust that will use various sea-going assets to explore, discover, and document iconic ships and aircraft lost during WWII. The goal of organizations like NHF during this 5-year campaign is to create compelling media content that can be used to engage new and younger audiences, veterans, and active servicemen and servicewomen about naval history and the maritime domain. Last year, Dr. Bob Ballard and Ocean Exploration Trust partnered with several organizations (including NHF) on the first leg of the Victory at Sea campaign: a dive on the aircraft carrier USS Independence in August 2016. Now a year later, Ballard and his team will return to the Pacific for the next portion of the campaign – diving on ex-USS Stewart and USS Bugara. Our mission is to aid the dive by creating compelling content for various organizations to utilize before, during, and after the dive, which will overall drive interest back to NHF and our mission.

We are also including our other WWII-related content specific to the 75th Anniversary of the Second World War on this site. Follow us on our social media properties for the latest information and updates.