BOOK REVIEW – Privateering: Patriots and Profits in the War of 1812

By Faye M. Kert, Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD (2015) Reviewed by Louis Arthur Norton, Ph.D. During the War of 1812, the burgeoning United States Navy was at a disadvantage when engaging Britain, the world’s most formidable sea power. One method of leveling the maritime “battlefield” was the employment of a privateer fleet. Faye

BOOK REVIEW – Whips to Walls: Naval Discipline from Flogging to Progressive–Era Reform at Portsmouth Prison

By Rodney K. Watterson, Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, MD (2014) Reviewed by Louis Arthur Norton, Ph.D. Casual readers of maritime history might be reluctant to pick up a book entitled Whips to Walls that features a photo of a grim castle-like prison on its cover. If so, they would be missing out. Captain Rodney Watterson