8 Groups of Sailors Ready for the Weekend

1. A Good Weekend Requires Planning (NARA Photo: 80-G-431069) 2. Playing Cards Will Help Pass the Time (LOC Image: LC-DIG-det-4a14373) 3. It Might Require Travel (LOC Image: LC-USF34-039283-D) 4. Get Plenty of Rest the Night Before   (NARA Image: 80-G-471182) 5. Grab a Snack Before Heading Out (Image: San Diego History Center) 6. Grab Your

8 Photos of Sailors Who Are Not Ready for Monday

Mondays are hard. 1. Sleeping Sailors on USS Lexington, 1943. 2. USS Barry – Exhausted Sailor. 3. Sailor Quarters in San Diego, 1923. 4. Post-VJ Day Sailors, 1945. 5. This Guy the Next Morning, early 20th Cent. 6. New Jersey Sailor, 1944. 7. USS Olympia Crew. 8. Sailors Reading on deck of USS Lexington, 1943.