First Strike, Revisited: Elder Voices From the Doolittle Raid

By Kyle Nappi By April 18, 1942, the United States and its allies had suffered repeated setbacks in the war against Imperial Japan, to include the attack on Pearl Harbor, the capture of Wake Island, and the fall of Hong Kong and Singapore. Just nine days earlier, on April 9, the half-starving ammunition-depleted Bataan Peninsula

“A Date Which Will Live in Infamy…” Reflections from Ten U.S. Navy Sailors Who Witnessed the Pearl Harbor Attack

By Kyle Nappi Three years ago, I visited the oil-leaking wreckage of the battleship USS Arizona (among other solemn locations) in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Now, eighty years since America’s Day of Infamy, I pause and reflect on those hallowed grounds in Oahu as well as the dwindling number of military veterans who witnessed and survived