With a mission of preserving, educating, and commemorating naval history, the Naval Historical Foundation frequently interacts with scholars and has performed a commendable job as a “network enabler” to connect those with common interests to collaborate on projects, panels, and research as well as setting up mentors for up and coming scholars. Included among the many initiatives that the NHF has taken to foster scholarship is support for the International Journal of Naval History www.ijnhonline.org, the publication of the e-letters WE-Pull Together (conference, call for paper announcements) and Naval History Book Reviews (book reviews!); and the maintenance of a cadre of subject matter experts available for public speaking opportunities.

The naval historian network has been rather informal. If a request comes in about thesis research support, a lecturer, or best book on a subject, an e-mail goes out to a select few asking “who is most knowledgeable on this topic.”

What has become apparent is the talent pool to draw from is actually quite extensive. First, there are many individuals who focused their academic scholarship on the study of naval history, but the job market has forced them to work in other historical fields. Then there are individuals who have become students of naval history through non-traditional routes, but have published widely respected tomes and articles on the subject.

Given the scope of knowledgeable individuals in the field, the Naval Historical Foundation seeks to assemble a useable database that can be shared on an “as-needed” basis. We intend to maintain it as an internal “living” document that is continuously updated. For members interested in acquiring the database for historical research support or for identifying potential moderators/panelists at conferences, we can arrange to make hard copies available for a nominal fee to cover printing and mailing.

Thus if you have the credentials or experience to be placed on this list, we would like to hear from you. As a benefit/reward of filling out this registration form, we will offer you the opportunity to receive our WE-Pull Together/Naval History Book Reviews E-letters (sent 2-3x per month) if desired. Of course if you have not already joined, we would certainly encourage you to become a full-fledged member of the Naval Historical Foundation to take advantage of the additional networking and professional development opportunities that our organization fosters.

There are two options for qualified naval historians to submit a registration to the directory. The first is to fill out the online application, the second is to download the PDF form, fill it out, and email it to the Foundation’s Dr. Dave Winkler. Links for both registration options are below:

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Download the Naval Historian Registration Form

If you choose to download, please submit your completed form to Dr. Dave Winkler at dwinkler@navyhistory.org.