Oral History Program:

The Naval Historical Foundation’s Oral History program was launched in 1996. With the assistance of volunteers from around the country, the program has gathered over two hundred oral histories and memoirs. These interviews and memoir donations help preserve the history of the Military Service and offer valuable insights into the history and practices of the Navy. Researchers can find copies of these sources at the Operational Archives of the Naval History and Heritage Command, the Navy Department Library, and libraries at the Naval Academy, Naval Postgraduate School, and Naval War College, and now online!

Please visit our the Naval Historical Foundation Oral History Index, a listing of 196 completed oral histories.

Volunteers may use the Naval Historical Foundation’s Oral History Guidelines.

Please review the Naval History and Heritage Command guidelines on how to write and submit your own memoirs.

Selected Oral Histories Online:

Vice Admiral Marmaduke G. Bayne, USN

Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr.

Vice Admiral James H. Doyle, Jr.

Rear Admiral Mack C. Gaston

Capt. Robert C. Gillette

Admiral Kinnaird McKee

Rear Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, Jr.

Rear Admiral Kenneth E. Wilson, Jr.

Torpedoman Second Class Donald R. Witmer and the Kamikaze Attack on USS Twiggs (DD 591)

YNC John B. Desrosiers, Jr. and D-Day

Vice Admiral Henry C. Mustin

LT Jack C. Taylor

CDR David Leighton, USN (Ret.)

Seaman Paul Peter Fix