Connecting Naval History to our Economy, the Environment & National Security

Naval history and the maritime domain connect every aspect of our nation’s history – national security, the economy, the environment and foreign policy. Whether documenting naval strategies that protect our interests, capturing oral and video histories, securing artifacts or digitizing important naval records and artwork, the Naval Historical Foundation is at the center.

Why Naval History?

History is constantly occurring and shaping our future. Successful leaders on the battlefield, in the air and on the seas credit lessons they’ve learned from history combined with preparation as key to keeping our Sailors safe and our country strong. Understanding our past with the help of today’s latest technologies allows NHF to remain relevant to the public’s growing interest in our shared fascination with the Navy.

Global Impact

Like the U.S.  Navy, NHF’s work extends beyond our borders. Since our maritime domain impacts our lives as individuals and as a nation, it is crucial to study and chronicle the process behind our transformation from a young republic to a dominant worldwide maritime power.

Preserving the Past

From its initial focus on safeguarding the material culture of the Navy in the 1920s, the Foundation has developed into a non-profit organization dedicated to not only preserving, but promoting the full range of naval history through leveraging partnerships with a wide variety of organizations like the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) and Ocean Exploration Trust (OET). We take pride in honoring those who gave their lives to protect us through our various preservation and commemorative efforts in Washington, D.C., and beyond.

Looking to the Future

NHF has its eyes on the future while capturing our naval history past. We provide:

  • Guidance and expertise in the discipline and dissemination of naval history
  • Scholarship incentives for K-12 students, Midshipman, and NROTC
  • Historical perspective, content and context for deep sea explorations
  • STEM education fellowships with historic ships, museums, and K-12 teachers
  • The premier resource naval history education at

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