The Naval Historical Foundation often receives inquiries on a wide range of naval history subjects, from veterans looking for service records, to family members trying to track down a deceased relative’s naval service, to the general public interested in learning more about the history of the U.S. Navy. While we are happy to direct people to the proper organization to conduct this research, the Foundation itself does not maintain a collection of government or private records related to U.S. Navy history. Thus we can not directly answer questions that require archival research.

Many such questions can be answered quickly by consulting the Naval History and Heritage Command about general public inquiries by calling (202) 433-7880. A full contact list for the Naval History and Heritage Command can be found here.

Researching the Naval Service of an Individual

In general, the first step in the research process on any veteran would be to request his or her service records. The Naval Historical Foundation does not provide assistance in this area, you can request those records yourself from the National Personnel Records Center, in St. Louis. Please see the Naval History and Heritage Command FAQ on service and medical records to learn how. The National Personnel Records Center has information on their website on how to do this as well, check here.


Cruise Book Research

The Foundation does not directly provide cruise book reproductions, but we have partnered with a number of organizations that can produce both physical and digital reproductions of U.S. Navy cruise books. Please visit the Cruise Books section of our website for more information.

Inquiries About Naval Artifacts

The Curator Branch of the Naval History and Heritage Command is the principal custodian of the Navy’s material heritage. If you have questions about an artifact such as a uniform, medal, or piece of a equipment from a ship, please contact the Curator Branch here.

Inquires About Ships and Aircraft

Questions related to U.S Navy ships and aircraft should be directed to the Histories Branch of the Naval History and Heritage Command. Their contact information can be found here.

Naval History Research Links

Historic Naval Ships Association
Library of Congress Manuscript Division
Library of Congress Veterans History Project
National Naval Aviation Museum
National Park Service Maritime History Parks
Naval History and Heritage Command
Naval Order of the United States
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