We are assembling a volunteer cadre of energetic enthusiasts willing to spend time helping us partner with deep sea exploration that enables us to rediscovers naval history and actively supports our mission of preservation, education and commemoration.  Our goal is to begin a new expanded global dialog about the maritime domain and inspire a new generation of maritime enthusiasts by illuminating naval history and the importance of maritime security in protecting our oceans for a safe and prosperous future.

This summer we will launch our Pacific exploration initiative partnered with Bob Ballard’s deep sea Pacific exploration to discover ships, subs and aircraft lost at sea.  Bob Ballard’s Explorer Nautilus exploration will be utilizing new deeper submersible technology to also study the oceans biology and health.

Launching Phase 1 of our outreach and media plan, we are looking for volunteers with the talent and skills to design the media strategy and promote the NHF content that supports Bob Ballard’s upcoming exploration of USS Independence off San Francisco sunk in 1951 after it participated in the Bikini Island nuclear bomb testing 1946.  The media plan will include links from www.nautiluslive.org to www.navyhistory.org for special content on history of USS Independence and the Bikini Island nuclear bomb testing.

Successes and lessons learned from Phase 1 with prepare us for continuing our NHF partnership with Nautilus exploration and expanded media strategy as Bob Ballard continues west across the Pacific.

Volunteer work will be virtual using internet chat room to connect to our volunteer group and staff.  Please fill out the data fields below and submit to our President, RADM Bud Langston (bud_langston@yahoo.com) or if you have other questions about the program call our Content Developer, Matt Eng 678-4333 ext 5 for more information.

Hope to have you on our Volunteer Team soon.

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