9 Summertime Things Sailors Also Do

Well – Warm weather and summer are here.  Time to get out the grills and sun tan lotion, because this summer should be a hot one! There are a lot of ways you can go out and have fun this summer. That doesn’t mean our fighting men and women don’t try to have a little fun too!

With so much going on in the Navy around the world, it is important that our fighting men and women have a little rest, relaxation, and diversion every once in a while.  Here are ten things that most Americans do in the summertime and their US Navy equivalents.  Enjoy!  Have any others to list?  Let us know in the comment section below!

1. Swimming1_Swim Call2. Backyard BBQ 2_Steel Beach

3. Talent Show3_Talent Show

4. Comedian/Comedy Club4_Comedy Club

5. Pick-Up Basketball5_Pick Up Basketball

6. Running6_Running

7. Outdoor Concerts7_Outdoor Concert

8. Outdoor Sporting Matches8_Outdoor Sports

9. Outdoor Movie9_Outdoor Film

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