8 Groups of Sailors Ready for the Weekend

1. A Good Weekend Requires Planning5190623320_e272a6d5bf_o

(NARA Photo: 80-G-431069)

2. Playing Cards Will Help Pass the TimeUSS Maine

(LOC Image: LC-DIG-det-4a14373)

3. It Might Require Travel8c01352v

(LOC Image: LC-USF34-039283-D)

4. Get Plenty of Rest the Night Before5190623428_b3bc39415c_o (1)


(NARA Image: 80-G-471182)

5. Grab a Snack Before Heading Out82-13673-2203

(Image: San Diego History Center)

6. Grab Your Friends09957v (1)

(LOC Image: LC-B2- 2332-11)

7. Take It All In1_Sailors_Glen Echo

(LOC Image: LC-USW3-022792-E)

8. Relax and Enjoy the Fun!8d28137v

(LOC Image: LC-USW3- 022807-E)

9. PS: Don’t Forget a Camera!8d07710r

(Yale Library Photo# 8d07710r)


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