@NHFTweetsMidway: A New Interactive Social Media Experience in Real Time

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Experience the most decisive conflict of the Second World War through the eyes of the Imperial Japanese Navy and United States Navy. Starting today, the Naval Historical Foundation will publish tweets from the perspective of the men and machines that fought the pivotal battle over 70 years ago.

This new project follows the example used by the History Press’s dramatic retelling of the Titanic disaster. Each tweet will follow the day to day, minute-by-minute account of the Battle from the perspectives of both the United States Navy (#USN) and Imperial Japanese Navy (#IJN).  Gain keen insight into the minds of the men who planned and executed the battle.  Tweets are based off of primary document, archival research, and battle photographs. Each tweet is as historically accurate to the time of the actual event as possible. Events occur as if it was May and June 1942 in the Central Pacific. Relive history and truly make it come alive on your computer screen, phone, or tablet! All you need is a twitter account!
Here is how it works:

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Each hashtag (#) at the beginning of the post will designate the person, ship, battlegroup, etc. that is speaking.  Think of it as a character in the narrative of the entire battle.  Throughout the conflict, you will see tweets from famous figures such as #AdmNimitz (Admiral Chester Nimitz, USN), #AdmYamamoto (Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, IJN), and Enterprise’s Scouting Squadron Six, #VS6.

We encourage you to follow along and interact with us @NHFTweetsMidway and the main NHF Twitter handle @usnavyhistory. Put yourself in their shoes.  What would you do?  Could you turn the tide of war like the U.S. Navy did in 1942? Tweets will begin TODAY and end on 7 JUNE. Help us make this a successful and insightful social media experience!

Join the Fight @NHFtweetsMidway today!

All tweets are researched and written by the Naval Historical Foundation.

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