8 Photos of Sailors Who Are Not Ready for Monday

Mondays are hard.

1. Sleeping Sailors on USS Lexington, 1943.5190623428_3ed14115d6_z

2. USS Barry – Exhausted Sailor.(Robert Johnson/Business Insider)

3. Sailor Quarters in San Diego, 1923.(San Diego Historical Society)

4. Post-VJ Day Sailors, 1945.68d387e3a1a4f2303ee4593bf04f906c

5. This Guy the Next Morning, early 20th Cent.Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 7.32.20 AM

6. New Jersey Sailor, 1944.uss new jersey 1944

7. USS Olympia Crew.hammock

8. Sailors Reading on deck of USS Lexington, 1943.5190026489_233437e973_z

…and one that is!


Enjoy your Monday!

Sources: 1. National Archives Photo 2. Robert Johnson/Business Insider 3. San Diego Historical Society 4.LIFE Magazine 5. iPernity 6. LIFE Magazine 7.CityofArt.net 8. National Archives Photo 9. US Navy Photo

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