10 Best Photo Captions from the 1964 USS Enterprise Cruise Book

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the historic around-the-world cruise of the USS Enterprise and Nuclear Task Force One.  Celebrate this event by taking a look at the lighter side of the “Big E” cruise book from 1964.

1. Lifeblood of the NavyIMG_3399

2. U.S. Navy – Ahead of Hipsters Since 1964IMG_3396

3. TeamworkIMG_3400

4. Push it Real GoodIMG_3402

5. Do You Even Lift?IMG_3403

6. Custard MachineIMG_3404

7. A Different TimeIMG_3405

8. Not LikelyIMG_3406

9. Michelangelo of the NavyIMG_3407

10. No CommentIMG_3409

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