2013 McMullen Naval History Symposium Preview

USNavalAcademyThe 2013 McMullen Naval History Symposium, hosted by the History Department of the United States Naval Academy, will be held 19-20 September 2013. For program updates, the list of panelists, registration, and additional information visit: www.usna.edu/History/Symposium/ For NHF members attending the symposium, we encourage you to wear your NHF lapel pin. If you do not have a membership lapel pin (or lost it), stop by our table and ask for one!


Thursday, Sept. 19th

Session I Panels (9:30-11:20)

  • Thai, Indian, and Ottoman Empire Navies
  • Cyber Security and Naval Intelligence
  • Spanish Naval History
  • “Forgotten Gray Jackets:” The Life and Legacy of Confederate Sailors in the Civil War
  • Recent Naval History
  • Turn of the Century Naval Competition and Cooperation
  • 1943: The 70th Anniversary of Allied Victory in the Battle of the Atlantic

Luncheon (11:30-1:00)

  • Keynote speaker; Director of Naval History Captain Henry J. Hendrix
  • Presentation of NHF Commodore Dudley Knox Lifetime Achievement awards

Session 2 Panels (1:20-3:10)

  • Privateers and Piracy during the Age of Sail
  • Stories of the Sea: Naval Heroes, Travel Narratives, and Prophesying War through Naval Fiction
  • British Seapower and Strategy, 1919-1954
  • War of 1812: National Honor, Public Will, and Civilian Partisans
  • Naval Propulsion: Steam and Oil
  • Research, Training, Jointness

Session 3 Panels (3:30-5:20)

  • Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese  Navies, 16th and 18th century
  • The Civil War: Professional Values, Community Studies, and Historical Memory
  • Maritime Diplomacy: Policy and Practice
  • Politics of the Sea in the Early Republic
  • U.S. Coast Guard History
  • Naval Professionalization in England, Germany and the US, 1870-1890

Evening Reception: Naval Academy Museum


Friday, Sept. 20th

Session 4 Panels (8:00-9:50)

  • Australian Naval Affairs: Logistics, Expeditionary Operations, and Coalition Warfare
  • WWII: Fighting the Enemy
  • Blockaders, Gunboats, and Commerce Raiders during the Civil War
  • 17th and 18th Century Maritime History in the Greater Caribbean: Piracy, U.S. Occupation and New World
  • Contributions to Naval Medicine
  • Roman and Greek Naval Warfare
  • Latin American Naval History

Session 5 Panels (10:10-12:00)

  • Naval Base Debates
  • French Naval Affairs
  • Civil Military Relations: Vietnam
  • Foodways and Medical Care in the Age of Sail and Early Steam Anglo-American Navies
  • Marine Corps Image and Recruiting
  • Economics and Commercial Imperialism of the Navy in the Second Half of the 19th Century

Session 6 Panels (1:30-3:20)

  • Huntington’s Children and Naval Strategy
  • British Naval Manpower 1775-1815
  • Lejeune’s Lieutenants: The Development of Marine Corps Generals
  • Maritime History of Slavery and Indigenous Peoples
  • Harold Langley and Social Reform
  • Demise of Privateering

Session 7 Panels (3:30-5:20)

  • Comparative Navies and Latin America
  • U.S Admirals and Politics, 1940s-1970s
  • Chinese American Naval Operations
  • How they Served: Profiles of Four British Imperial Commonwealth Sailors and Marines
  • 1960s Naval Affairs
  • Moving the Mountains: Culture and Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan

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