Call for Papers: 5th Annual Baltic Military History Conference

Baltic Defence College, Tartu Estonia

October 3-4, 2013

The Baltic Defence College in Tartu, Estonia will host a two-day conference on Baltic Region military history on October 3-4 2013. We invite academics, graduate students and military personnel to propose papers and panels on subjects dealing with Baltic region military history –from the Crusading Era through to recent conflicts that involved the Baltic region.

The Conference will examine Baltic Region military history in a broad sense.  We are interested in Baltic subjects from battles and campaigns to discussing the social and economic impact of conflicts.  We are interested in having papers and panels on subjects such as Operational Art in Baltic Campaigns, Early Baltic Military History, the Swedish/Russian Conflicts, the Napoleonic Wars, the Military and Society in the time of the Tsars, the Baltic Campaigns of World War I, the Independence Wars 1918-1921, the Soviet /Finnish Wars, the Cold War in the Baltics, war plans and preparations in the region, and military activities in the region in the 19th century.

If you wish to propose a paper or panel please contact Dr. James Corum at  by 10 August 2013 and provide a short CV, a paper title, and an abstract of 500-800 words. The Baltic Defence College will provide accommodation for presenters. For those attending we can also help arrange for good lodging at very reasonable rates.

If you wish to attend and participate, please contact Dr. Corum by 30 August 2013 to register.

Further details and registration forms will be posted at the Baltic Defence College Website –

baltic states 1994 2005626489

The Baltic States in a 1994 CIA map, courtesy of the Library of Congress.

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