Museum Store Stocks Bric Tek Navy Warship Building Block Kits

Bric Tek Carrier

The Navy Museum store, located in the National Museum of the United States Navy at the Washington Navy Yard, recently began stocking Bric Tek building block kits of simulated naval warships. We currently stock seven different construction kits, ranging from a small frigate, all the way to a huge helicopter carrier (seen above) consisting of nearly 2,000 pieces. These Bric Tek sets are fully compatible with LEGO building blocks. Many of the ship sets come with smaller aircraft including helicopters and jets, and the carrier set even includes a hovercraft that can be safely stowed in a well deck! The sets also include poseable figures with guns, radios, and other attachments.

We’re pleased to announce that these new kits are being offered at a 20% discount if you order soon. We currently have a number of the sets built and on display in the Navy Museum, if you visit the Museum please be sure to check them out. And if you don’t have the chance to come in person, be sure to check out the Museum Store Online, where you can order the sets and have them shipped to your home.

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  1. Cat Smith


    Do you sell US Enterprize CV-6? Everyone should have one. This lady represents a profound moment in history and thanks should not only be given for her, but especially for her crew, commanders and Admiral Nimitz. Thank you all forever.

    • admin


      That would certainly be a great set! Currently, the sets that we have for sale are not modeled after real, historic warships. They are more on the imaginative side.

  2. Dylan Wight


    It makes sense that the sets aren’t actually scale models of existing craft (well, how would you fit the hull’s rounder points on a block model anyway?) but it’d be nice to see some sets that at least mimic the characteristics of their model types, such as the carrier carrying and the corvette covering its supporting characteristics. Personally, if they produce these sets at a relatively scale representation to each other, I think I’d have found a reason to construct that Scrap Iron Flotilla group I want to.
    I come from coastal Australia, and I’ve always been fascinated by aero- and hydrodynamics. These sets would be excellent teaching aids for my cadet squadron.
    Can’t wait till I get my hands on some.

    Any idea what the retail price of these are? Thanks!

    • admin


      Thanks Dylan! We agree that they’re not truly representative of actual naval vessels, but they capture the general feel of modern warships, which we hope will encourage and engage youngsters. We’ve got all the sets available for sale on our website, check this link for pricing (and note that we have good sale prices going on right now):

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