Call for Papers – Naval and Maritime Power in Two World Wars: Contemporary Relevance and Historical Importance

11-12 April 2014
Greenwich Maritime Institute,
University of Greenwich

Global War Studies and the Greenwich Maritime Institute are pleased to announce an international conference on the naval and maritime history of the First and Second World Wars. On the centenary of the First World War, the conference seeks to promote an international and interdisciplinary dialogue among naval and maritime historians. Drawing upon the latest scholarship from a variety of disciplines, the conference aims to highlight a wide array of topics such as naval and maritime communications, logistics, international relations, regional studies, economic aspects, the role of ports and internal transport, the weather, morale, and grand strategy. Papers and panels addressing one or more of the above topics are welcome as well as any of the following subject areas. Additional First and Second World War themes pertaining to naval and maritime history are equally encouraged.

Naval Warfare / Martitime Strategies / Amphibious Operations / Air Power
Operational History / Intelligence / Command / Convoy Operations
Shipbuilding / Interwar History / Weapons Technology
Neutral States / Theaters of War / Industry / Civilians

Paper proposals must be submitted by 15 August 2013 and include an abstract and curriculum vitae. Panel proposals are welcome and should include a brief description of the panel’s theme.

Additional conference details and registration information will be available soon.

Submissions and inquiries should be addressed to:
Robert von Maier, Global War Studies <>
Chris Bellamy, Greenwich Maritime Institute <>

The conference proceedings will be published as a special issue of Global War Studies.

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