Call for Papers – 1944: Seventy Years On, An International Conference

“1944: Seventy Years On” An International Conference
14-17 April 2014
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Global War Studies and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst are pleased to announce an international conference on the Second World War with 1944 as the core theme. This was a year of decision in many theaters with the Allies advancing to the borders of the Axis heartlands. It marked the climax of the Holocaust and witnessed the unprecedented displacement of peoples in Europe and Asia. Wartime industrial output reached its zenith and more than ever before the home front was on the front line. The conference seeks to promote an interdisciplinary and international study of the period 1919-1945 by means of drawing upon the latest scholarship from a variety of disciplines. Papers dealing with one or more of the following topics are welcome and while 1944 is the focus, papers and panels covering other periods or taking thematic approaches are equally encouraged.

Military Operations / Naval Warfare / Air Power / Intelligence
The Holocaust / Alliance Politics / Economics / Homefront
Neutral States / Theaters of War / Industry / Grand Strategy
Mobilization / Displaced Persons / Prisoners of War
Science & Technology / Resistance Movements

Paper proposals must be submitted by 15 June 2013 and include an abstract and curriculum vitae. Panel proposals are welcome and should include a brief description of the panel’s theme.

Additional conference details and registration information will be available soon.

Submissions and inquiries should be addressed to:
Robert von Maier, Global War Studies
Marcus Faulkner, King’s College London
Matthias Strohn, RMA Sandhurst

The conference proceedings will be published as a special issue of Global War Studies.

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