2013 Submarine History Seminar: Seawolf and the Maritime Strategy

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Policy, Strategy, Technology, Tactics, Acquisition: the interrelationship of these five distinct but related spheres of interest and the activities associated with each is not always apparent, even to those in high level positions in the various spheres. An examination of the 1981-1986 Maritime Strategy and the coincident design and construction of USS Seawolf offers an unusual opportunity to view this interrelationship. The seminar will focus on the influence of policy on the design, operation and acquisition of submarines as well the influence of submarine and anti-submarine operations during this period on policy, strategy and acquisition.


RADM Millard Firebaugh, USN (Ret.): Program Manager, SEAWOLF

CAPT Peter Swartz, USN (Ret.): Co-drafter of final versions of The Maritime Strategy

AMBASSADOR Linton Brooks: Supervised strategic war gaming, critical analysis and public defense of The Maritime Strategy

Registration: Call 703-256-0891 or email subleague@navalsubleague.com

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