Museum Ship Ex-USS Stewart Looking for Gunners Mates


Ex-USS STEWART and ex-USS CAVALLA in Galveston, TX. Photo courtesy of the Historic Naval Ships Association.


A unique museum ship located in Texas is looking for help. Gunners Mates or strikers are needed to work on the 3” 50’s and 40mm guns on the historic World War II destroyer escort ex-USS Stewart (DE 238) located in Galveston. GM’s unique skills are needed to repair these guns to the point that they can be trained and elevated manually.

The guns of the Stewart are of great interest to the thousands of people who tour her each year. The ability to “man” these weapons and allow them to move will add greatly to their experience aboard Stewart, which is a “symbol of our service”.

Mac Christy ENC USN (RET)

Travel, food and lodging expenses (if needed) are deductible as a charitable expense on federal income taxes each year you volunteer.

stewart guns

Rust and deterioration on the barrels and mounts of ex-USS STEWART guns. Photo courtesy of American Undersea Warfare Center.

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