End of Year Message from NHF Executive Director

Creekman 120312-N-WE887-001Dear Members and Friends of the Foundation,

In addition to welcoming Admiral John Mitchell, Rear Admiral, USN (Ret.) as our new President this year, as Executive Director of the Foundation, I have had the pleasure over the past thirteen years of seeing the NHF develop into a strong nonprofit organization that supports a full range of historical services, museum exhibits, and educational programs, prizes and scholarships. We greatly value your annual membership dues, and as a private foundation, we would appreciate it if you would consider a tax-deductible donation to support the services and programs that we offer throughout the year.

While it is challenging to quantify the full value of your support of the Foundation, I mention one recent example of our unique role as the only nonprofit foundation directly supporting Navy history. After receiving a phone call from Mrs. Maggie O’Dell, whose father had found a set of naval aviator’s wings at an aircraft crash site from World War II, the Foundation, in four months of research, identified the fallen pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Julian Walters. We hosted a special ceremony to return the “Wings of Gold” to that naval aviator’s only surviving son, William Walters, born three weeks after his father’s death in 1945. Only with your participation and support can this type of research and special commemorative event occur. As we celebrate our achievements from this year and look forward to providing new programs and member services in the upcoming year, we would greatly value your tax-deductible donation to support both the tangible and intangible services that the Foundation provides.

Captain Charles T. Creekman, USN, (Ret.)
Executive Director

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