Call for Papers: Historic Naval Ships Association 2013

Now is the time to start planning for the Historic Naval Ships Association 2013 Annual Conference, which will be held in Camden, NJ/Philadelphia 18-21 September. The Battleship New Jersey and Independence Seaport Museum will be co-hosting. Those with good ideas for topics or those would like to present a paper, please contact Toby Oothoudt at or via telephone at (419) 471-9503 or on his cell at (419) 340-2721.

To learn more about the Historic Naval Ships Association please visit them on the web:

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    Hello HNSA: I’m the Director at the CSMM and Registrar at the Battleship NJ. Jason Hall is my supervisor at BB-62 and we’ve discussed how my other site, the new maritime museum, can participate at the annual meeting. I’ll submit a proposal for a paper ASAP. I look forward to showing off both the new museum and the Battleship to HNSA members in Sept.

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      Thank you for the comment Leslie. One of our NHF staff members (Dave Colamaria) helped out for a couple of days as a volunteer for the battleship a few years ago, good to hear from you!

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