95 Cruise Books Donated to Navy Department Library

Last week, in the first stage of a partnership with the Naval Historical Foundation, Steve Lanning of Bluewater Publishing of Gloucester, Virginia (www.cruisebooksource.com) visited the Washington Navy Yard to make a generous donation to the Navy Department Library. Ninety-five cruise books published by Bluewater were donated to the Library to supplement their extensive collection of US Navy cruise books. Bluewater has been publishing cruise books for over 20 years, for hundreds of different Navy ships of all classes. The Naval Historical Foundation has cemented an arrangement with Bluewater to facilitate donations of new cruise books to the Library as they are produced for ships and Seabee units. In the past month, an inventory of the library’s holdings (see that list here) was compared to Bluewater’s publication catalog, which identified the ninety-five books as new additions needed to fill out the Navy’s collection. Among the donated volumes were cruise books from destroyer Barry, carrier George Washington, and amphibious assault ship Kearsarge.

We thank Bluewater Publishing and Steve Lanning for this generous donation. And we want to remind those interested in cruise book reproductions that the Foundation works closely with a number of vendors who can reproduce print or electronic versions of cruise books; see our list here.


Steve Lanning of Bluewater Publishing (at left) visited the Navy Department Library to donate 95 cruise books. He is shown here with his son Sam, and the Library’s Director Glenn Helm.

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  1. George Ryan


    I am interested in purchasing the 1977 & 1980 Hermitage cruise books, as well as the 1984 &1985 Richard E. Byrd cruise books. Could I get a price for all the books and an order form.

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