“Into the Lion’s Den” Exhibit Construction: On Schedule

Lion's Den Projectiles

Projectiles from the collection of the Naval History and Heritage Command are prepped for restoration prior to installation in the exhibit

Construction of the new Cold War Gallery exhibit, “Into the Lion’s Den,” is progressing nicely. The exhibit remembers the 1972 night battle in the narrow, mined confines of Haiphong Harbor between U.S. Navy surface warships and aircraft, and North Vietnamese PT boats. The centerpiece of the new exhibit will be a reconstruction of the armored bridge of the cruiser USS Newport News (CA 148). We’ve got a series of photos below detailing the progress of the construction in April 2012.

Work is being done off-site at Design and Production, Inc. (D&P), in Lorton, VA. Once fabrication of the exhibit is complete in Lorton, it will be disassembled, transported to the Washington Navy Yard, and reassembled inside Building 70, the Cold War Gallery. The exhibit will be constructed using a combination of authentic Vietnam era artifacts, and newly constructed reproductions. As you can see in the photos below, the framework of the exhibit is being built at the D&P workshop. Much of the equipment that will be mounted in the exhibit is from the collection of the Curator Branch of the Naval History and Heritage Command. Other items will be obtained by scavenging parts from mothballed ships – a story we’ll have more on in the coming weeks.

To learn more about the exhibit and the history that inspired it, please read our earlier blog story. We plan to cut the ribbon on this new exhibit at our Annual Meeting in June. The Naval Historical Foundation is still raising funds to underwrite the construction of this new exhibit, and we hope you will consider donating on our Fundly page, using the Donate button below.


Lions Den shop progress Apr 5 2012

Fabrication of the exhibit deck, shown flipped upside down

Lion's Den Construction Progess April 2012

Replica bulkheads under construction at D&P

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