2012 Submarine Force History Seminar: OUTLAW SHARK

Submarine Force History Seminar:
“OUTLAW SHARK – The Beginning of Over The Horizon Targeting”

During World War II and into the Cold War, torpedoes remained the primary offensive weapon for American attack submarines. With the development of surface-to-surface missiles such as Harpoon and Tomahawk, the U.S. Navy’s undersea arm had the capability to hit targets well beyond the sightlines of their periscopes.  But how do you identify and track a target over time and determine whether its friend or foe?  The passage of time now allows for an open discussion of what was once a highly classified program.

National War College
6 – 9 PM 24 April 2012
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RADM Guy Schaffer, USN (Ret), Director, Navy Command Control and Communications Projects, Naval Electronics Command. Significant activities during this time included, initiation of JTIDS Development, introduction of OSIS, and ASWOC, introduction and validation of Over-the-Horizon Targeting (OTH) and the Outlaw Shark concept.

RADM Walter Locke, USN (Ret), Founder and Chairman emeritus of the Precision Strike Association. As Director of the Joint Cruise Missiles Project from 1977 to 1982, Rear Admiral Locke organized and directed eight major development and acquisition programs. He successfully led the anti-ship guidance development for the Harpoon Anti-Ship Weapons System.

Dr. Robert Hess, Directed and performed contract analyses in areas of ocean surveillance, OTH targeting, command-and-control, and related fields for Director of the Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare, Special Operations, and Naval Intelligence Systems Office, Commander, Navy Operational Test and Evaluation Force and Director, Navy/Joint Cruise Missile Project.

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Northrop logo About the Submarine Force History Seminar Program

Each year, on or close to the U.S. Navy’s Submarine Force 11 April Birthday, the Naval Submarine League, with the Naval Historical Foundation and the Naval History and Heritage Command as co-sponsors, produces a Submarine History Seminar in the Washington, DC area. Venues have included the U.S. Navy Memorial’s Naval Heritage Center and the National War College. The evening event also includes refreshments, and a ceremonial Submarine Force Birthday cake cutting. For a list of topics and presenters from previous seminars, please visit our Commemorative Events page.

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