Volunteers Needed: Naval History and Heritage Command, Photo Section

NH 81543-KN

World War I Navy Recruiting Poster by artist Howard Chandler Christy, 1917 NH 81543-KN (Color)

The Photograph Section at the Naval History & Heritage Command is announcing a call for volunteers in and out of the DC Metro area. A list of potential duties can be found below. If interested in any of the volunteer positions, please contact the Photograph Section at NHHC by email at nhhcfacebook@gmail.com.

Work to be done at NHHC

L-File: To inventory and add government photographs into a filing series that is alphabetically broken down. (2 volunteers needed).

Visual-Aid Cards: To inventory and fix any filing problems in the 3” x 5” reference card system in which researchers use to view the replicas of original photographs. These cards save wear and tear on the original photographs. (1 volunteer needed).

Inspection of the U-System: To inventory and fix any filing errors in the donation “wait tank”. Review the images and report to Photograph Section staff when pertinent historic images are found. (2 volunteers needed).

Scanning Photographs for NHHC Website: To scan NH System photographs in high-resolution for eventual presentation on the Naval History and Heritage Command website. Training will involve the art of caption writing. (2 volunteers needed)

Conversion of vinyl records to digital files: These lateral conversions of vinyl records have “voice histories” of Change of Commands and other military events. The conversions will be done using a USB Turntable and will be used for future posting on the Naval History & Heritage Command website. (1 volunteer needed)

Off-site work to be done for NHHC

Use of Photo Shop for NHHC Website: To adapt the scanned images above and produce the thumbnails and regular size jpgs presented on the Naval History and Heritage Command website. (2 volunteers needed).

Reformatting of Web Pages: To adapt the prior NHHC Photograph Section into the new NHHC website format. This work would require experience in html programming. If one has the basic skills, the Photograph Section could train in the process of reformatting the pages. (3 volunteers needed).

National Archives Searches: To travel to the Still Picture and Moving Image Branches at College Park, Maryland, and find pertinent images related to Naval History that could be scanned and brought to the Naval History and Heritage Command (2 volunteers needed)

To read more about the Photograph Section, visit their website.

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  1. Cloid L. Dokich


    Since I just signed up with the Naval Historical Museum as a student Sea Scout ? I’ll have to start off with some basic knot tying before I can actually set sail as a sailor on one of your Brigs? So I’ll try by writing a couple of reviews on some of those books the foundation has suggested to read? Kind of like when I went to my local library’s literacy program to compete writing a book report to the State 0f California’s Libray Literacy programs ” Writer to Writer,” contest where my book report of ” The Mount Vernon Love Story,” by Mary Higgens Clark about our first president George Washington who wanted to be a sailor but lost to his first Naval command crossing the Delaware in a row boat? Which just goes to prove you have to learn to dog paddle before you can swim? I lost to that gal who wrote about ” Chicken Soup For The Brain,” who had a TBI and rode her Schwinn across country when the only cross country ride on my Schwinn was from Pettis VA in Loma Linda to Hemet when I missed my bus?

  2. Cloid L. Dokich


    The Wings of Eagles, where John Wayne played Spig for Naval Aviation to A Wing and a Prayer, where Don Ameche played the skipper on Carrier X in WWII? To today’s Navy and those Drones from LUCKUP from the Deal of the Century and ” Look See Pigeon,” from the Sand Pebbles with Steve MacQueen all in Harms Way?

    PBR Street Gang Over and 0ut Almighty !

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