Under Construction: A New and Improved Navy Museum Store

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Interior of the Museum Store, National Museum of the United States Navy

We’re pleased to announce that the Naval Historical Foundation is resuming day-to-day operation of the Museum Store at the National Museum of the United States Navy. Store Manager Frank Arre has been working closely with the Museum staff over the past two weeks to remodel, clean, and re-open the existing store, located at the entrance to the Museum.  In addition to some minor cosmetic changes to the store layout, we plan to restock the shelves with a wide variety of items designed to appeal to the tens of thousands of people who visit the museum and work at the Navy Yard. We’re committed to providing quality products for children, adults, veterans, tourists, and Navy employees. Store Manager Arre has been combing through catalogs from numerous Navy-themed vendors, looking for memorabilia, toys, ship models, clothing, challenge coins, and commemorative items. We previously managed the store through an arrangement with a retail vendor, and we expect to provide a significant upgrade in both the quality and variety of items for sale with our hands on operations.

Another significant enhancement we’re planning to add is a used book section. Many here at the Washington Navy Yard are familiar with the Foundation’s quarterly used nautical book sale. Through generous donors, we regularly accumulate boxes of used books related to naval and maritime history. We’ll be setting up a section of book shelves in the redesigned Museum Store, with these very reasonably priced used books and photos for sale. As we’re always receiving new donations, please make sure to stop by frequently to keep up with new arrivals.

We plan to re-open the Museum Store during Thanksgiving week. Please be sure to stop by and see the new merchandise we’ll have on sale, as well as our selection of used books and photos. As always, proceeds from sales in the Museum Store will go to support programs by the National Museum of the United States Navy, and to continue the Naval Historical Foundation’s 85 year mission to to preserve, commemorate and educate America about our Navy’s proud history.

Visit the store online at museumstore.navyhistory.org.

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