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U.S. Navy Heritage Mini-Series Available Online

US Navy Heritage Mini-Series

US Navy Heritage Mini-Series

Recently, the Naval History and Heritage Command published the U.S Navy Heritage Mini-Series on their YouTube channel. The Naval Historical Foundation produced these mini-series segments in 2002 and donated their use to the Navy, where they were a part of General Military Training and Recruit Training Command programs at Great Lakes, IL. The project enhanced Sailors’ overall understanding and appreciation of the Navy’s rich history and heritage, contributing to a sense of teamwork and unit identity. The Mini-Series consists of 16 five-minute video segments, covering subjects from the Battle of Midway to Desert Storm, and profiling important Navy enlisted and officer leaders and heroes. For information on how to obtain a DVD copy of the mini-series videos, please contact the Foundation. To view the series online, please visit the NHHC YouTube Channel.

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