US Navy Heritage Mini-Series Videos

US Navy Heritage Mini-Series

US Navy Heritage Mini-Series DVD cover

The Naval Historical Foundation produced the “U.S. Navy Heritage Mini-series” video segments in 2002 and donated their use to the Navy, where they were a part of General Military Training and Recruit Training Command programs at Great Lakes, IL. The project enhanced Sailors’ overall understanding and appreciation of the Navy’s rich history and heritage, contributing to a sense of teamwork and unit identity. The Mini-Series consists of 16 five-minute video segments, covering subjects from the Battle of Midway to Desert Storm, and profiling important Navy enlisted and officer leaders and heroes. Below we present 15 of the videos from this series – the final video, the 2004 Surface Navy Association Hall of Fame segment, is not being shown as it is property of SNA.

For information on how to obtain a DVD copy of the mini-series videos, please contact the Foundation.

The Battle of Hampton Roads

Pearl Harbor

Battle of Midway: The Japanese Attack

 Battle of Midway: The American Counterattack

Battle of the Atlantic

Thirty-One Knot Burke

Iwo Jima

The Cuban Missile Crisis

Desert Storm: The Naval War

Don’t Give Up The Ship

Profiles in Leadership — Part 1

Profiles in Leadership – Part 2

Heroic Bluejackets of the Navy

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society: History and Mission

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society: A Century of Service

3 Responses to US Navy Heritage Mini-Series Videos

  1. Vern Bouwman says:

    It is my hope that another subject of navy history be Memorialized as depicted in this request for help:
    My current efforts are in recording the history of USS Taluga AO-62 which include the sinking of USS Mississinewa AO-59 at Ulithi Atoll at:
    I will be posting a link to the above videos at:

  2. WALT STINNER says:

    Excellent subject material.Look forward to future Navy articles.

  3. OSCS (SW) Neubauer, Richard says:

    Outstanding heritage videos and would like to see theme used more often as opening segways for CPO 365, and Navy seminars. Nice icebreakers on history.

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