Oral History – Rear Admiral Mack C. Gaston

Mack Gaston

Rear Admiral Mack Gaston. NHHC L-File.

Rear Admiral Mack Gaston’s impressive naval career spanned almost 31 years. His professional record is documented with numerous achievements and awards and his distinguished performance at sea and in combat as a Surface Warfare Officer, including command of two destroyers and the cruiser USS Josephus Daniels, and ashore as Commander Field Command, Defense Nuclear Agency and as the first black Commander of Naval Training Center Great Lakes, is the subject of countless accolades. And yet, by no means does this record of excellence fully capture the measure of this extraordinary and inspirational person who as a young black male growing up in rural Georgia overcame daunting obstacles, including overt prejudice and institutional bias to graduate from Tuskegee University and receive a commission as an Ensign in the United States Navy in December 1964.

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9 Responses to Oral History – Rear Admiral Mack C. Gaston

  1. Flora Gartrell and Joe Gartrell we miss talking to you hope you are well your cuz. says:

    Hi Mack how are you and the family we are fine just old smile take care call us some time yourcuz. Flora and Joe Gartrell

  2. clarence (ray) eastwood says:

    Served under the Admiral when he was a Commander aboard the USS Cone dd 866, in 1981. He is a lead by example officer, not abusive of his status, and obviously a above standard officer. Would go into a hot zone with him, with no doubts. gmgsn eastwood. 5″ guns.

  3. Antonio C. Hopkins says:

    Thank you for being so an impressive Leader and Role Model for me and the entire crew of the USS Josephus Daniels (CG-27).

  4. Robert Rees, Jr says:

    It was both a pleasure and honor to serve under the Admiral when he was the Commanding Officer of USS COCHRANE DDG-21. Yeoman Rees

  5. William l Fury ADC USN Ret says:

    Admiral Sir!
    Wayne Van Wyck is my Half brother .I know he served under you in 1986. on the “Joey ” I just want to let you Know!, he is in Bad Shape ,He has stage 3 cancer of the Left lung ,He is going through Chemo ,doctors said he has 6 to 12 months .
    He talked very highly of You ,that’s why I’m contacting You . I hope this Gets to you ,thank You, William Fury

  6. Djunna Bonds Steele says:

    Mr. Gaston,
    Hi my name is Djunna Bonds Steele. You will not remember me but you may remember my mom and daddy. Charles and Pearlie Mae Bonds from Chatsworth. My son joined the Navy October 2014 and he is stationed in SD. He was in awe that you were from Dalton so when on the net I just wanted to say hello from North Georgia.

  7. Joseph Wagy says:

    Mr Gaston,

    My name is Joe Wagy. I was an MM2 on the USS Buck from 1964 to 1968 and remember serving with you. We recently attended a reunion in San Diego and you were mentioned. Congratulations on a distinguished career! We would be honored if you were able to join us at a future reunion. The next is in Mobile, AL in May of 2017.

  8. Sean Dekle Sr. says:

    The Captain of my first duty station and war ship, Admire Mack C Gaston of the USS Josephus Daniels CG-27. I remember him trying to talk this 18 year old kid into going to officer school (Boost program), I asked how much time would I have to serve after school, he said minimum of 8 more years. So I added the 8 plus 4 of military school and being the bright 18 yr old I said I’d be 30 before I got out, I’ll be old..lol. He laughed but kept trying until I left the ship for aviation school. Now I have a brilliant son who will be a military officer at 22yrs old. Goes to show opportunity can knock twice. God bless Captain Mack. Thanks for everything you taught me. Proud to have served under your command.

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