CPO 365: Chief Petty Officer Initiations

The following is a publication written by ITCM James L. Leuci, USN. You can read the e-book by clicking through the pages below or by going to our ISSUU site HERE. The publication is available for download on the site. Just click on the share button and hit “download.”

One Response to CPO 365: Chief Petty Officer Initiations

  1. Michael T. Saunders, EAC(SCW) (ret.) says:

    After reading this book, it is easy to understand why CPO Initiation was “sundowned”. As a retired and initiated Seabee CPO, I can honestly say that the Seabee community focused on developing leader traits so that the Seabee CPO is prepared to meet the leadership expectations of the Mess and Seabees. If the Chief does not have the “Can Do” spirit, the troops won’t have it. Hi-jinxes were just a fraction of the process, humiliation was not the main tool used to instill humility, and selectees did not consume alcohol. Each culture has its own ways of passing down cultural expectations, and for the Seabees, Initiation was a successful and proven method.

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