Frequently overlooked, but significant in its impact, consider volunteering some time to help us at the Foundation. We are a fairly small organization, and with the ever-increasing naval history opportunities and rising costs, volunteers are a valuable asset. While most work would be at the Foundation office at the Washington Navy Yard, there are out of area options, such as volunteering to conduct oral history interviews in the part of the country where you reside. Please contact our Program Director, Dr. David Winkler at (202) 678-4333 or email him at dwinkler@navyhistory.org for more volunteer information.

Volunteer of the Year

The award for Volunteer of the Year is given to the person or persons who demonstrate exceptional dedication, without compensation, to the NHF mission of preservation, education, and commemoration of naval history.

2003    Nicholas J. Kuriger
2004    Marvin W. Barrash
2005    Jeffrey Hobrath
2006    John Grady
2007    John M. Maloney
2008    Pete Boyne, Ted Bronson, Bob Rositzke, Jim Moses
2009    Ray Godfrey
2010    Ana Quijano
2011    Captain Roger Jones, Charles Bogart


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