Into the Lion’s Den Exhibit: USS Robison (DDG 12)

USS Robison Insignia PatchWe are drawing closer to completion of the new “Into the Lion’s Den” exhibit in the Cold War Gallery, and we’d like to take the  opportunity to remember the fourth U.S. Navy surface warship involved in the 1972 night battle in Haiphong Harbor. We previously shared stories about USS Providence and USS Rowan, as well as a detailed description of the exhibit, which features a recreation of the armored bridge of the cruiser USS Newport News. The fourth ship involved in the battle was the guided missile destroyer USS Robison (DDG 12).

USS Robison, a Charles F. Adams class guided missile destroyer (see our story earlier this week about ex-USS Charles F. Adams) was commissioned in 1961. She served with distinction on the gunline off the coast of Vietnam, earning seven battle stars during the war. One of the components of the new exhibit under construction is a wall panel describing Operation Sea Dragon. During that operation Robison was awarded a Meritorious Unit Commendation, and was credited with destroying 78 enemy logistics craft. And of course, on the dark evening of 27 August 1972 that is being recreated in the new museum exhibit, Robison steamed into Haiphong Harbor and shelled enemy targets ashore. The destroyer continued to serve for another two decades, and was decommissioned in 1991.

We hope that Robison veterans will take pride that their ship will be represented in the newest exhibit in the Cold War Gallery. We’ll be cutting the ribbon on the new exhibit during the Naval Historical Foundation Annual Meeting, to be held 23 June at the Cold War Gallery, at the Washington Navy Yard. If you are interested in attending, you can RSVP online.

Robison NH 106735

USS ROBISON (DDG 12) Underway off Point Loma, California on 10 June 1967. NHHC photo NH 106735

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16 Responses to Into the Lion’s Den Exhibit: USS Robison (DDG 12)

  1. Russell Llewellyn says:

    I was on the Robinson 19671968

  2. "B. G." Miller says:

    I was in the magazine of gun mount 51 on the early morning raid of Haiphong Harbor. 18 yrs. old, slamming 80 lb. projectiles as fast as we could, wow. To this day, March 19, 2015 I remember the sight and actions going on in the magazine and the sounds of shrapnel from enemy gun fire pounding The U.S.S. Robison.

    A shout out to all my Brothers that were there on one of many.

    • Alan Harnack says:

      I was there with ya …Alan Harnack From AS division we berthed right behind you guys and I’ll always remember old 51 going off 24/7 And each time the dust would shake out of the overhead. Remember 8 on and 8 off and running back and forth between magazines as the gun would cool down.. I can still remember the barrels glowing red in the night. And don’t forget the Un-reps I stationed my self on the ladder going down from 1st Division to the magazine …. great fun in ’72

      Regarding that night, I’ll always remember the power and the terror when the ship heeled over going full tilt boogie at 30 plus knots as “Willie Peter” Lage hauled our ass in and out of Haiphong Harbor as the Newport News stayed safe and happy over the horizon and fired her missiles into the counter battery sites.

  3. Jay says:

    My father Gerry was on the ship 67-68

  4. Steve Swartz says:

    I was on the Roby in 1976 and 1977. When I left her in ’77 she had holes big enough to drive a semi through in the main deck and hull. Undergoing major overhaul in the Long Beach Naval Shipyard. The last Westpac in ’76 was difficult as she kept blowing boiler tubes. Spent 30 days in Guam trying to keep the boilers going. Finally took on a dozen or so yard workers at Pearl Harbor late in 1976 for a Full Steam cruise back to San Diego. She unfortunately could not handle the stress. Sat in San Diego for 2-3 months before being towed to Long Beach for the overhaul. That was the last time I saw her. Sometime around January 1977.

  5. Brian Fisher says:

    I was on the Robison during the raid into Haiphong.

  6. David Doc Harris says:

    I remember that night at Haiphong, one of the jets flying cover stated that it looked like a, “John Wayne movie”.

  7. Bobby J Emerine RM3 says:

    I was in the Radio Shack, on the Robison, during that raid. It was quit a night/morning.

  8. kenneth gene hoover says:

    I was on the Robison from 72-75. remember it well.

  9. Phil Dunleavy says:

    I was on the Robinson 65-66 R division

  10. David Odom says:

    I was on the Robison as Junior Corpsman years 81-83. I pretty much grew up on the Robison.

  11. Michael J Boyle says:

    I was LPO of Fox Div. on that “fun” night. Spent the evening in CIC and got to see the whole thing. Amazing how people’s memories increase the action over time. Still it was very exciting and I’m glad we made it out in fine shape!

  12. tom seablom says:

    I remember it well, we were given the day off, briefed about the raid ,and told to write letters home that would go out that day! the mood was kind of intense all day in first division!

  13. Earl Knipe says:

    I was on board 69-73,three and a half busy years. Three Westpac cruises in quick succession.

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