Former Vietnam POW Visits Cold War Gallery

NaughtonCaptain Bob Naughton, USN (Ret), a former prisoner of war during the Vietnam War, poses for a photo with the prison camp model of the “Zoo,” where he spent time during his captivity, just a few miles outside of the city of Hanoi in North Vietnam. Captain Naughton visited the Cold War Gallery, Wednesday, 1 February, while in town for the Arlington funeral of his former VA-113 commanding officer, Captain Hank Dibble, USN.

Then-LCDR Naughton was shot down in May 1967 flying an A-4C Skyhawk from the deck of USS Enterprise, with the Stingers of VA-1113. He was released in March 1973. He later served as commanding officer VA-83, VA-174 and NAS Dallas. His awards include Silver Star, Legion of Merit (2), Distinguished Flying Cross (2), Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He and his wife Peggy now reside in Texas.

The model of the “Zoo” prison camp features labels describing the various areas of the camp, and is currently on display in the Cold War Gallery, at the Washington Navy Yard. The model was built by Midshipman Ronald Malec, United States Naval Academy Class of 1974, and presented to Commander Jack Fellowes in May 1974. Fellowes (who passed away in 2010) had a personal connection to the Cold War Gallery. He sponsored a model of the A-6E Intruder that he was shot down in over Vietnam, along with Bombardier-Navigator LTJG George Coker. The aircraft model is now on display in the Cold War Gallery. An image of the model can be seen on our Cold War Gallery website, in the “Fly Navy” section under “Aircraft Models,” with additional views available on our Flickr site.  A home made shoulder board fashioned by Coker during their imprisonment is also on display in the Gallery.

A close-up photo of the model of the “Zoo” can be seen below. We’ll have a follow-up story later this month on the model itself. Zoo POW Camp

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9 Responses to Former Vietnam POW Visits Cold War Gallery

  1. Karen Hoyt says:

    I wore a P.O.W. bracelet with LCDR Robert Naughton on it. I will never forget the day back in March, 1973 when I had the great privilege to watch him appear in the doorway of the plane that brought him home. I cried tears of joy that he had made it safely back to American soil. I prayed for him daily during the time I wore the bracelet. I would like to tell him thank you so much for serving our country.

    • Janet Ohaver says:

      Your words, Karen, are exactly what I had thought to write. My experience is the same as yours. Prayers were answered, and to see him in the doorway of the plane was stunning! Blessings to you!

  2. Kim Petroski says:

    I have a POW bracelet with LCDR Robert Naughton, 5-18-67, that I inherited from a close friend who passed a few years back. I just typed in his name to see what I could find. I thought I could send it to a family member but it appears that happily, I could send it to him. If he or anyone in his family would like it, please let me know. So wonderful to hear a success story & read his writings on his experiences.

    • steve sisney says:

      Capt Naughton and my father were in the navy together. I wore his POW bracelet until it was stolen from my house in 1989. I would greatly appreciate a replacement.

      Steve Sisney

  3. sharon "sam" cooper says:

    I worked for the same company as his father. I was in Arizona and his dad was in Iowa. He called and asked if I would wear his son’s POW bracelet. I was honored and I told him so. My husband was in Vietnam at the time. I never took it off until I watched on TV as he arrived home. I am still honored to have worn the bracelet of a true hero.

  4. Jennifer Lucht says:

    I also proudly wore LCDR Naughton’s POW bracelet. I will never forget the pure joy watching him come down the steps of the airplane on his return to U.S. soil. There was also a picture of his return along with the other veterans in the TV Guide magazine. My husband Alan also served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. We both proudly covet the bracelet and will make sure that it is also cherished by our children.

  5. John M.Brown says:

    Hello, I found a POW bracelet, for Robert Naughton, LCDR, who was shot down over Vietnam in 1967. I would be honored to send it to Mr. Naughton, can You help?

    • Admin says:

      Mr. Brown,

      Good Morning. Please contact NHF Executive Director Captain Todd Creekman, USN (Ret.) at (202) 678-4333 or email our curator Emily Pearce at for more information on the donation process.


      Matthew T. Eng

    • Alicia Naughton says:

      Hi Mr. Brown,
      If you see this reply & you happen to still have the POW bracelet please let me know! Robert Naughton is my grandfather and I’d love to help get it to him.


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