Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


The battleship USS IOWA (BB-61), decorated with Christmas lights circa 1984. DN-SC-86-04802

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  1. Martin A. (Marty) Palmiere EMC(SW) USN(ret.) says:

    It usually took us (Electricians Mates with assistance from the ICmen, Gunners Mates, Bos’n Mates, Quartermasters) three days to rig & test this light display……10,856 light bulbs total.

    This is the award winning display that won us the “Best Large Surface Combatant” award for four out of our six year commissioning during the eighties. (MED Cruise in 87, lost to USS America in 84)

    I served aboard from Dec.1983 to June 1989, was involved with each and every one of those displays.

    Marty Palmiere USS Iowa BB-61 ’83-’89

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