We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties in our new office. Phone and Internet connectivity is down, so all phone calls and emails will remain slow and/or unanswered until the situation is assessed and fixed. Emails can only be answered from remote access or smart phones at this time. Service will likely be restored later this week. We appreciate your patience while we resolve this issue. For immediate contact, please call Executive Director Todd Creekman at (703) 447-4278 or Digital Content Developer Matthew Eng at (757) 560-7720. – NHF


The Naval Historical Foundation is dedicated to preserving and honoring the legacy of those who came before us. We know that passing this legacy on will serve to educate and inspire the generations who will follow. We raise funds and supervise the construction of cutting edge museum exhibits. We encourage students and teachers with educational programs, prizes, and fellowships. We work to ensure that America’s great naval history is proudly remembered.

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